József Száraz & Katalin Száraz


Inkjet prints, 30x40 cm

My father is a sailor. It has been always a sad thing for me, that I can’t travel with him as my mother did, because Hungary don’t have marine ships anymore. So I only had the stories about their journeys, and the memory of one trip we had together. I’ve realized that every time I hear about my father I only visualize these memories, but I don’t really know how he lives when he is on the sea, these pictures in my head are only fictions. He also doesn’t really know my life, so it’s the same for him. So I made up this project, to get to know each others world: I asked him, to take pictures of his life, and I always answered him with “parallel” photographs. There is always a link between the pictures, what can be formal, in the content, or in the time.