I always wanted to alloy fashion photography with archaic techniques, I love experimenting on the border areas of photography. In this series I was inspired by the world of Tim Burton, the goth subculture and by classic horror movies. I wanted to create spooky and special characters, with the help of young Hungarian designers, make-up artists and hairdressers. I used wet collodion plates, because this technique gives a special allure to a portrait, and this atmosphere is what I needed for these spooky portraits.

models: Barbara Thamó, Lilla Fehér, Sára Szabó, Zita Debreczeni, Balázs Csókási, Frenk,
hair: Zsanett Fábián, Luca Kormosói
make-up: Eszter Galambos, Dóra Vizhányó,
styling: Kata Száraz
clothes: Dóra Hegedűs, Katta Aradi, Noémi Géczi, Szputnyik Shop
accessories: Karmazsin, Titkos Gardrób
assistant: Bálint Hirling, János Horváth
special thanks: Imre Zalka

Szimplavé - Solo exhibition, Vác, 2013