iHuiset - New Generation exhibition Gothenburg

I have been invited by András Bánovits, to exhibit in Gothenburg in the Eugén & William Gallery with two other great artists who I really appreciate, Alíz Ács and Dorottya Vékony.  This exhibition was special for me, because this is the first time when my BA and my MA diploma projects were exhibited next to each other. 

New Generation

Alíz Ács, Dorottya Vékony and Kata Száraz group exhibition

Through the works of three young artists the exhibition aims to represent a segment of the new Hungarian photography generation. The internationally acclaimed avantgarde masters of Hungarian photography left a heritage quite challenging for coming generations. The progressive intentions of this young generation are manifested in expanding the traditional boundaries of the medium, opening toward fine arts and employing photography as a tool.

Starting from personal photography, Dorottya Vékony presents an intimate diary that captures the scenes of a relationship. These often absurd situations frame the symbolic sets of belonging and separation into gestures, spaces and objects.

The Walpurg series of Alíz Ács explores the subject of witchcraft. The images are consciously destructed to represent victimization and exclusion, the models - the witches of the present - wear their stigmas in their characters.

Kata Száraz’s Nocturne series deals with the extremely relevant subject of home and affiliation through the cinematographic scenes of a personal story.

Experimenting with the medium, and thus offering new perspectives both reveal a complex and infinitely sensitive attitude, that reflects the different problems or the nature of this generation. We thank iHuset for inviting us, and we hope the Göteborg audience will get to know even more talented young Hungarian artists.

Dóra Villing – curator